Students exploring outdoors

Two years ago, thanks to grant funding from the National Geographic Society a group of middle school students began a journey to learn about the natural world around them and make it a better place. 

In January, those students, now in high school were reunited with a group of elementary school students to finish a tree planting project that had been delayed due to the pandemic.  With the support of the Friends of Cat Island volunteers students were able to transplant several Green Ash and Cypress trees to their new home at Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge. 

In February, a third year group of West Fel Explorers braved the cold temperatures and took their learning outdoors. Students engaged in science and poetry lessons at the Bluebonnet Swamp. Then, the Friends of Cat Island volunteers visited West Feliciana Middle School to plant more trees. Middle School students in the West Fel Explorers Club, along with a new group of elementary school students worked together to plant over 50 trees. 

With the support of grant funding from the National Geographic Society and LSU’s Coastal Roots program the middle school students also planted over 1000 seedlings.  These trees will eventually be transplanted to the Cat Island National Wildlife refuge.