WFMS 2020-21 Girls Soccer Team

After many losses, the girls' soccer team has improved throughout the season. At the end of the season, the girls made it to the final round of the championship and got runner-up. Although they had many losses, Coach Aurther Mott and Assistant Coach Andrew Virts led this team to greater success and prepared them for their futureEvery Monday and Wednesday, practices were held at the West Feliciana Parish Sports Park. There were drills that consisted of practicing foot work, the basics of kicking/shooting, and defensive drills>span class="TextRun SCXW66070759 BCX8">higher-level teams and grow in speed.  

At every practice, each player works to improve at their positions. The various positions are forwards, midfielders, defense, and goalie. Most players alternate positions throughout the game. >span class="TextRun SCXW66070759 BCX8">team's forwards are Libby Lavasseur, Megan Murry, Kylee Williams, Charly Weller, and Mary Benton Lavasseur. >span class="TextRun SCXW66070759 BCX8"> midfielders are Anna Wallis, Frances Neal, Jacee Price, Jennifer Summerhill, Peyton Pirie, and Racheal Gosserand. >span class="TextRun SCXW66070759 BCX8">ive players are Olivia Wilson, Morgan Barbe, Rosalyn McGregor, and Caroline Stout. The goalie is Sydney Cooper, but positions sometimes alternate.  

During games, the team works together to keep the ball in play and to keep the ball away from their own goal. Normally during a game, the girls start off slow but gain speed throughout and get better as the game progresses. Communication is key during a game so that most of the passes will go where they want them to go. If there is no communication, then the team will not know who the ball is being passed to. Speed is also a key to the team's game. They try to keep up with the ball so they can steal it, and they must have speed when passing so that the other team will not get the ball. When the team works together, they have remarkable success even if they do not win every game.