#WeAreWestFel Happy Labor Day!


Milton's Monday Message  

   September 3, 2018  

The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity. ~ Anonymous





School Board Meeting ~ 

September 11

West Fel versus Livonia ~ September 7



Reflecting on Last Week 

  • Are you ready for some football?  Please come out and support the Saints on Friday night as we host East Feliciana.  Our 2018 State Championship Boys Track Team will receive their championship rings at half-time. If you cannot attend, please tune-in to 88.3 FM or check us out on LiveStream by clicking here.

  • Ms. Laura Glaser's students worked hard weeding their garden beds. The weeds really grew over the summer, making it a difficult task, but the students persevered!

Brian Baccigalopi's and Marques Patterson

Bonnie Nettles and JaMya Vessel

Kendarius Cain (in the back), Keilyn Washington and Keiffen Cummings

Keyon Davis, Keilyn Washington and Coach Gaston Gabriel (with the shovel)

Keyon Davis

WFHS Meet the Saints was spectacular!


  • WFMS Library helpers Macy Walker and Taja Lofton prepare books for circulation.  


  • In Ms. Taylor Garrett's 8th grade science class, students make predictions based on "bones" they found on a "fossil dig".

Loyalty Mitchell & Dashna Arbuthnot

Hannah Johnson, Emaline Kile, 

& Le'Treveon Washington

  • In Ms. Alisha Bennett's class, you can write on your desk!  Students work math problems on their computer while using the table to write out their answers.  A SHOUT OUT! goes to Ms. Bennett for writing a grant to the West Feliciana Education Foundation to fund such an innovative way to help her students.

  • In Ms. Kriston Patton's Keyboarding class for high school credit, students stay engaged through the use of a Que.  What is a Que?  A Que is dodge ball that has a microphone inside that students pass around as it gives them the voice to ask questions, answer questions, lead, and discuss within the classroom.

Joe Dejean

Thy Hong

Brooke Williams

Gracie Walters

Da'Vean Tuniors


  • Ms. April Davis has done a tremendous job of helping to expand Leader in Me to WFMS.  It was neat to walk into her class and instantly be greeted by Gracie Walters. 

  • Bains and Bains Lower students are readers leaders!  They start reading before the bell rings each morning!

Zamaria Lofton and Madison Snowden

Jermon Harris

Zyra Reed and La'Dayshia Sullivan

Ainslee Weeden and Madison Reed

Zane Aymond

Travis Menser

  • Bains 5th grader Rylie Berry arrives at school early to take on a leadership role in the library.  Rylie checks out and collects books as a part of Bains' Leadership Program.  Students learn by doing, and leadership is defined by action.

  • Rylie Berry, TeShawn Monroe, Timothy Lindsey, and Alexander King enjoy reading in the new cafe style chairs in the library.

Charles Smith and Jack Sam Leak

  • Bains Lower students Matilyn Dedon, Emma-Kate Bennett, Noelie Broussard, and Andrew Joseph Klein did an amazing job of leading the Monday Morning Announcements at Bains Lower!

  • A SHOUT OUT! goes to Pat's Hardware for donating $6,000 toward school uniforms for students and families in need!  What an awesome gift to our students! 

Mr. Ricky Chapman (Alternative School Director), Mr. Jonathan Beckham (General Manager), Ms. Erin Vincent (Owner of Pats), Superintendent Milton, Mr. Johnny Giammanchere (Store Manager), and Ms. Rose Coats (Bains School Secretary)

  • Junior Achievement received $2,000 from the West Feliciana Education Foundation to support JA programs at Bains Elementary.

Conville Lemoine, Michelle Carbo, Bill Parkerson, Jodi Lemoine, Jaime Pangburn, Larry Celestine, Amy Betts, Janice Crutchfield, and Caroline Alberstadt.

  • Cadet Ethan Lyon and Cadet James Patrick (JP) Horn of the NJROTC Company recently enlisted into the United States Marine Corps.  They are both scheduled to graduate from WFHS on Friday, May 10, 2019. Then they will report to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina on May 27, 2019 (Memorial Day) for the 12-week boot camp.  They are both extremely active in the Company and both serve on the Athletics Team. 

  • Mrs. Layla Dupuy's DE Psychology class has a study session with their SELU professor through Skype.

  • WFHS Teacher Ms. Kim Key instructs her 2nd hour Geometry class on finding midpoints.

  • Ms. Amy Adair instructs her 2nd hour Advanced Math class on polynomials.

  • Ms. Alana Lyons instructs her 2nd hour Biology class on Bacterial Growth.

Looking Ahead

  • Please consider joining the West Feliciana Reading Council!  Our reading council supports our efforts to improve literacy for all of our students.  To learn more about the council and join a wonderful group, please e-mail Ali McMillan (President of the West Feliciana Reading Council) at: McMillana@wfpsb.org
  • Little Jimmy Reed, International Blues Star, was born and raised in Hardwood, LA.  On September 25, Little Jimmy Reed will play for our WFMS and WFHS Band students in the WFHS Auditorium from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM.  The public is invited as well.  For bio information on Little Jimmy Reed, please click here.

  • The 2018 West Feliciana Education Foundation Dodgeball Challenge will be Saturday, October 6th at the West Feliciana Sports Park.  For more information on the foundation or the challenge, please click here.

  • Please consider becoming a Reader Leader at Bains Lower Elementary!  As a Reader Leader, you will have an opportunity to read to students on a weekly basis, helping students learn the value & joy of reading.  For more information, please e-mail Ms. Stephanie Ferguson at stephferg34@gmail.com

  • Bains Lower 1st grade students will start off 2une In on WBRZ on Channel 2 at 5:00 AM with the Pledge of Allegiance on the following dates:

Bains Lower Elementary

Mrs. Grissett A 1st 9/4

Mrs. Grissett B 1st 9/5

Ms. Viguerie A 1st 9/6

Ms. Viguerie B 1st 9/7

Mrs. Caffarel A 1st 9/10

Mrs. Caffarel B 1st 9/11

Mrs. Vanner A 1st 9/12

Mrs. Vanner B 1st 9/13

Mrs. Morgan A 1st 9/14

Mrs. Morgan B 1st 9/17

Mrs. LaCour A 1st 9/18

Mrs. LaCour B 1st 9/19

Mrs. Brooks A 1st 9/20

Mrs. Brooks B 1st 9/21

If you miss the segment, don't worry as it's posted on  WBRZ.com under the Community tab daily.

Food for Thought

Operation Paint The Parking Lot!

WFHS Seniors are getting the opportunity to Paint their parking spot this school year.

Emily St. Romain, WFHS Senior, spends her Saturday doing what she wants--- Making her parking spot personal and unique by using hard work, creativity, and a lot of paint.

Elizabeth McKinney

Peyton Lamartiniere

Leslie Williams

Ty Morgan

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