This week's Spotlight Classroom features Joyce Roberts' pre-kindergarten class at Bains Lower Elementary School in St. Francisville. The students were asked:

If I were an insect, I would ...

TRISTAN RABUN: Fly to the moon.

SIDNEY BLACKWELL: Crawl on a log and dance.

ELECTRA CARTER: Fly to the sky and sing.

CARTER HAYWARD: Jump on the tallest tree.

JAYCE GIBSON: Oh, just eat honey all day long.

LAILA HODGES: Fly to the sun and shine bright.

TANAHLA JOHNSON: Go to Jordyn's house and play all day.

SARAH ALEXANDER: I would play with my friend Eleanor and match letters all day.

VERA MANSELL: I would climb out of a newspaper and fly to another teacher's classroom and learn more.

JOSHUA HARRIS: I would sneak in a house and cook lots of food.

HUXLEY SELF: I would eat food off of a leaf.

JEROME MEALEY JR.: I would play Monster Bugs.

QUETNTEN BANFORD JR.: I would eat chicken.

A'NARIA GORDON: I would play hide and seek with my friend TaNayla.

EMMERSON BROUILETTE: I would fly everywhere and lay lots of eggs.

JORDYN WASHINGTON: I would fly to the river and swim.