What do you consider your greatest accomplishment and why?

HAYES BLACKARD: Becoming a better writer in my journal.

MAGGIE BULLOCK: Painting beautiful pictures in art class.

LAWRIE DIXON: Helping my Maw Maw at home.

ELLA DUDLEY: Getting in the Hall of Fame three times because of my good behavior.

CARTER HANNA: Reading and making it to the 100 point A.R. club.

HAYDEN HEBERT: Making it to the 100 point club in A.R.

QUINN JAMES: Killing my first deer. I shot it all by myself.

REAGAN JOHNSON: Having my picture taken for the newspaper.

PEYTON KIMBALL: Working together with my sister because I love her.

EVAN LEJEUNE: My brother and I work together as a team and make stuff happen.

MICHAEL PATRICK LINDSEY: Learning how to ride my bike without training wheels.

JERRY LOFTON: Being a big helper at home to help my mom.

JUSTIN MCFARLAND: I'm excited that I have become a better reader.

GRACELYN METZ: When I ran around the swing set without my walker and I didn't fall down.

AUBREY MITCHELL: Making it into a higher A.R. point club than I did last year.

CHARLIE MORGAN: My job as our calendar helper. It helps my class know what day it is.

KA'LIYAH REED: Working hard to get in the 60 point club.

CHASE ROACH: Being a better reader.

EVALEE ROGERS: Having my artwork chosen to be framed at the school board office.

ROBERT SCOTT: Getting better at my Mario game.

TAYVEN SMITH: Being chosen to be a leader on my school's Safety Patrol.

ALLEN SULLIVAN: Reading my monster truck book all by myself.

HAYES WHATLEY: Helping a friend when she fell down and hurt herself.

ALEX WILLIAMS: Reading my books at home.