Club Day Information

Each child will participate as a member of a club. Club days will take place during school hours on the first Wednesday of each month. There are permanent clubs (students remain in the club all year) AND rotating clubs (students meet with a different group each month).

The Permanent Clubs are as follows:

WyldLife - Students must have a permission slip turned in to the office or Ms. Moosa by 8/28/2017.

S.A.D.D. - The Students Against Destructive Decisions Club is open to 8th grade students only. Sign up with Ms. Rogers on the 6th grade hall.

4-H - Students must pay dues to belong. Students can also elect to be a "member at large", which means they can join other clubs here at school and participate in 4-H activities on weekends and after school. To belong, you must give your dues and registration form to Ms. Jewell.

Artistic Lettering - This club is for students interested in fancy lettering and handwriting. Students will learn creative ways to write using different lettering styles, mediums, and pens.

If you do not sign up for a permanent club, you will automatically be included in the Rotating Clubs. You will experience each of these clubs once throughout the school year:

Edible Crafts - Here's a chance for you to play with your food! Create tasty treats that look fun and taste delicious. You bring the creative appetite, we'll bring the food!

Music and Rhythm - Follow the sound of the ukulele! Have a sing-a-long with music games. Bring your singing voice and enjoy the rhythms of song!

Minute To Win It - Time for some friendly competition! Try your hand at learning some basic games that you can play with your friends and family at home.

Sketching - You could be the next Michelangelo! Show off your sketching skills by sketching models of various items or people.

Holiday Treats - Enjoy celebrating the holidays with fun and deliciously themed treats!

JROTC - Ever wonder what it's like to be a soldier? Learn about the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC)! The JROTC focuses on leadership skills and physical training.

Board Games (2 Players) - Team up with a classmate to challenge them to a board game! Choose Checkers, Connect 4, Chess, and many others!

Board Games (group play) - Get a group of friends together to play a variety of exciting and fun board games! There are lots from which to choose. Let the games begin!