Why would anyone want to name a club SADD? Well, the only thing "sad" about this club is the feeling of friends and family members left behind to pick up the broken pieces of our lives after someone we love has made a destructive decision that leads to permanent life altering results. SADD stands for "Saints Against Destructive Decisions". Originally, the mission of SADD was to help young people say "No" to drinking and driving. Today, the mission has expanded to become a peer leadership organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions. Students agree that positive peer pressure, role models and other strategies help them say "No" to destructive decisions.

The simple philosophy is: Young people empowered to help each other is the most effective force in the prevention of destructive decisions.

WFMS is honored to offer membership to 8th graders willing to become positive peer leaders. SADD members meet to plan, promote and demonstrate positive peer leadership qualities. SADD members are community volunteers, self-motivated, and respected by others. SADD members have the opportunity to attend Drug Awareness Council meetings, and state and national conventions. WFMS SADD Chapter was established in 2009.