Student Council

Each homeroom selects one representative to serve on the WFMS Student Council. Members of the Student Council practice the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and are positive role models for WFMS students, staff, families, and the community. They work closely with the Staff Lighthouse Team to help plan leadership events and leadership opportunities throughout the school year and ensure our school’s commitment to exemplifying the qualities of a Leader in Me school.

Student Council members must consistently demonstrate the following leadership characteristics:

  • Be dependable, reliable, and respectful
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Exemplary conduct and citizenship in and out of school
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record
  • Model good judgment and decision-making skills
  • Be comfortable with public speaking
  • Have the ability to teach and demonstrate the 7 Habits to other students

Roles and Responsibilities of the Student Council

  • Attend Council meetings during your lunch period at least once per month.
  • Represent your grade-level, and your homeroom class in particular, when making-school-wide decisions and recommendations for school improvement and projects.
  • Recognize LEADers throughout the school in student announcements.
  • Plan and execute at least one school-improvement project or an activity that promotes LEADership each semester.
  • Plan and execute at least one community service project each year.