Mission Statement: We are relentless each day in creating a culture of hard work, love, and toughness. As a program we strive to become better people, better students, and better athletes. As a staff, it is our job to prepare these young men for life after high school.

Core Values:

Work (hard and smart, process/consistency)

Love (love for each other and passion for what we do)

Toughness (mental side more important than physical – 4:1)


1. Be respectful and have a servant attitude

2. Be on time/communication

3. Take pride in facilities (pick up trash)

4. High character: Be good people! Don’t do anything that will harm yourself or the team – Every decision effects US

5. Consistent preparation/focus & work ethic, be coachable.

The West Fel Way (Our Standard)

“10 to WIN”

Ways to know that we have a We above Me culture WHO ARE WE? If someone came and watched us practice or watched a game, what would they think of us when they left?

1. Trust throughout the program/communication

2. Clean locker room

3. Good screening team

4. Huddles on floor

5. Help teammates up off the floor

6. Sprinting the floor (transition) & off the floor

7. Embrace roles/be servant leaders – what have you done for a teammate today?

8. Take Charges

9. Dive on the Floor

10. Block Out

Our season runs from October - March. However, our student athletes are involved in strength and conditioning workouts as well as skill development sessions throughout the entire year. While the coaching staff aides in improving athletic ability, our main goal again is for players to leave the program with skills that will help them later in life such as discipline, team work and commitment. Student-athletes must maintain a "C" average to be eligible and attend daily practices. We have mandatory study hall for those who have D’s or F’s. We also stay active in the community and participate in a number of different service projects. This 2020-2021 school year, we plan to begin our “further the man” program, where once a week we spend more time on character development. Tryouts for incoming freshmen are held in the spring. We participate in a summer league during June and players lift weights all summer.

2020-2021 Schedule

2020-2021 Roster

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Tyler Howsen



Assistant Coach

Jereal Scott

Assistant Coach

Aaron Butler