Bains Lower Elementary School has an active School Garden Program. Play 30 Coach Lanya Mayer works with County Agent Layne Langley  to coordinate the program through the West Feliciana Parish Extension of Louisiana Sate University’s Agricultural Center.

Agent Langley works hands on with 300-450 students, ranging from prekindergarten to first grade, in our school gardens each week. These “outdoor classrooms” grant our students an opportunity to learn about science, math, nutrition, and the environment in a way that is both meaningful and engaging.

In addition to working weekly with our students in the garden, Agent Langley presents each class with lessons on MyPlate and the importance of proper diet and exercise. She makes learning about the five food groups and where our food comes from fun through engaging the students in exciting lessons such as the “garden obstacle course” and “garden scavenger hunt”.

Ms. Layne and Ms. Lanya, offer our students incredibly rich learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom to support our students in a healthy, active lifestyle. They are an incredible asset to our school as well as our community.