Classroom spotlight for May 31, 2018: Bains Lower Elementary School
Democrat staff reporter
Thursday, May 31, 2018

This week's Spotlight Classroom features Karen Brooks' first-grade class at Bains Lower Elementary School in St. Francisville. The students were asked:

I was most proud of myself when I ...

SARAH WHITE: was accepted into the Gifted Program.

KOI KLIESCH: showed my grandmother how to use a cellphone and making straight As.

DERRICK CARTER: made As and Bs on my report card.

JAYDEN PRUYN: received a Golden Crown for synergizing at school.

LYCILLE STOUT: met the LSU gymnastics team!

WILL LEDOUX: made it to the 110 point club in Accelerated Reader.

BRAYDEN BOSCH: went bowfishing with my dad.

GIZELLE TUESNO: won second place in my cheer competition in Florida.

JALEIGH JACKSON: taught my little cousin how to write her numbers to 100.

KHYLEIGH WHITFIELD: was baptized at church.

JOHN RITCHIE: learned how to read.

JARVIS DAVIS: learned how to read.

LEEAYRA POLK: made it to the 60 point club in Accelerated Reader.

SARA MRCURTAIN: learned how to read.

AMANI MULLEN: did a good job reading all of my sight words.

ROBERT HARTMAN: learned to add 2-digit numbers.

DIVONTE HAYNES: learned how to tell time.

EYLON NICHOLS: started taking good care of my dogs.

DA'LIJA JOHNSON: started making better choices and started having good behavior.